Employment Opportunity

Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) Municipal Representative

Job Type:             Part Time – Contract

Department:      Wayne County Public Health

Salary:  $30.00/hour; includes travel time. Hours will be managed based on the assigned budget.

Background:   Wayne County is seeking to contract with a qualified licensed or certified professional to serve on school district Committees on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) within Wayne County as the Municipal Representative.  Services will be performed in accordance with Section 4410 of the Education Law, as amended, and Part 200 Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.  The respondent should be knowledgeable about the CPSE process, evaluation tools, and best practices in special education programs and services.

Scope of Work:

      • Represent the County at CPSE meetings as the Municipal Representative

      • Communicate with and support other participants in the CPSE meeting

      • Establish a rapport with CPSE chairpersons and maintain an updated contact list for each district

      • Review relevant evaluation materials on children whose eligibility and/or placement is to be determined prior to CPSE meetings

      • Provide recommendations to the CPSE and ensure that the decisions made are efficient and fiscally responsible, in accordance with all regulations, and in the best interest of the child

      • Share information on availability of related service providers and programs

      • Ensure families understand the role of the County in the CPSE process

      • Participate in the development of the IEP for the child

      • Act as a resource regarding appropriate paperwork (System to Track and Account for Children- STAC and evaluation forms) and timelines for submission of paperwork to SED, the County, school districts, boards of education and provider agencies

      • Complete and enter STACs into McGuiness system

      • Collect and provide information to families on transportation needs

      • Complete and submit meeting reports and transportation requests for all children whose meetings were attended

      • Refer families to the Wayne County Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs program as identified

    Work is performed under the general supervision of the Public Health Director or his/her designee with leeway allowed in carrying out responsibilities. 

    Requirements:  Possess a valid NYS driver’s license.

    Minimum Qualifications:  Two (2) years of work experience in a professional position responsible for providing services to preschool special education children.

    Special Requirements: Possession of appropriate professional certification or licensure acceptable to the New York State Department of Education in a field that provides professional services to preschool special education children. Acceptable fields include but are not limited to: Nursing, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Psychology, Physical or Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.

    Note: College level course work in Preschool Education, Early Intervention, Special Education or a related field may be substituted for up to one year of the above experience. Wherein, thirty (30) credit hours equals one year of experience.

    Note: A Master’s Degree in Preschool Education, Early Intervention or Special Education may be substituted for the above required two (2) years of experience.

    Interested applicants please contact Andrea Fratangelo at 315-946-5704 or by email at Afratangelo@co.wayne.ny.us to request an application.