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Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Lead poisoning is preventable. Ingestion of lead contaminated dust, paint, and soil are the primary cases of childhood lead poisoning. Lead can also be found in lead glazed or painted pottery, ammunition, fishing sinkers, stained glass solder, batteries, and imported foods, supplements and candy, clothing, toys and jewelry.

Children between the ages of 9 months and 6 years of age are at greatest risk of exposure of lead because they are apt to put fingers, hands, and toys in their mouths. Children are eye level with window sills where lead paint could be lurking. They are at risk for poisoning if they chew on these areas or inhale lead-tainted dust created by opening & closing windows.

New York State requires doctors to do lead testing on all children at ages 1 and 2. Only a blood test can tell how much lead is in a child’s body. 

The New York State Department of Health states that no amount of lead exposure is safe for children. 

Find out more about lead by visiting the New York State Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention page at 

Watch a video on lead poisoning prevention at

The Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is coordinated by:

Christine Gedney, RN

(315) 946-5749

Baby Chewing on Toy

Lead poisoning has no initial symptoms but can lead to:

  • loss of developmental skills
  • slowed body growth
  • low iron
  • reduced IQ
  • hearing loss
  • behavior and attention problems

Parents can protect their child from becoming lead poisoned by:

Contact the program coordinator if you are interested in more information about this topic, such as educational materials, presentations, and resources.