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Nicotine Cessation and Prevention Program

The Nicotine Cessation and Prevention Program provides efforts towards reducing the impact of tobacco and vaping products on the residents of Wayne County. Current research on the impact of Nicotine use continues to prove how dangerous any form of tobacco or vape product can be on your health, and our Health Educator offers regular educational opportunities direct to the public through health fairs, speaking engagements, and education in school classrooms about why Nicotine in any form should be avoided or eliminated from your habits.

Please contact Wayne County Public Health at (315) 946-5749 or

Vaping products continue to be a growing concern among the youth and within schools in Wayne County. Our Health Educator is a certified N-O-T (Not On Tobacco) facilitator, which is a program aimed at helping students quit forms of Nicotine, including vaping products. Ongoing efforts also include collaboration with local school districts and their educators to provide updates on research regarding vaping products and their effect on health.

All of the Nicotine Cessation Programs are entirely free, and do not require any form of insurance.

The Nicotine Cessation and Prevention Program is coordinated by:

Elizabeth Ferguson

(315) 946-5749

Our FREE Cessation program provides individual one-on-one counseling to help anyone who would like to quit by:

  • Creating a “Quit Plan” that is tailored to the individual
  • Focusing on how stress, habits, and addiction effect your daily life
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies (patches, gum, or lozenges) can be provided for FREE through the program.

The N-O-T (Not On Tobacco) program provides cessation support for students within schools by:

  • Providing a multi-session curriculum about how to quit nicotine
  • Provides specific education regarding the dangers of vaping products
  • Can be provided to students within the school setting

Contact the program coordinator if you are interested in more information about this topic, such as educational materials, presentations, and resources.